Field Farmer Meetings

Farmer meetings we conduct for collect farmer’s needs, challenges faced by farmers and propose appropriate solutions with our product recommendation, we will train to the farmers about new technology and promote farmer to farmer learning. 1st we analyse our audience, what are their major interests and resources and we will make sure the meeting covers the farmer’s interests and we will show a genuine interest in the farmer’s concerns. We will filter who have plenty of valuable knowledge and experience, to those farmers we will use visuals to explain points and about we will provide technical knowledge through Flipcharts or product literature that can understand farmer easily.

Village Level Meetings

These farmer meetings will be conducted on village level. The local authorities such as Sarpanch, Police officers and Key farmers, who are loyal customers of company, will be invited as Chief guests. A minimum of 50 to 80 farmers will attend the meeting

Mega Farmer Meetings

These are well planned and arranged meetings with participation of progressive farmers The farmers will be attend around 80 to 200.and felicitated to some innovative and successful farmers The meeting will be of two types

Promotion of Organic farming

To promote the organic farming, the company will take the help of Dealers. The activity includes, encouraging the farmers to adopt organic farming and description of products .

Crop work shop

Generally, crop workshops are conducted in areas, where major crop is only one. The meeting will be based on that particular crop only. Generally, University Scientists will attend the meeting to explain about the products that are good for the particular crop. There will be a display of products in the meeting. Interested farmers can spot book the product.

Field Level Meetings

Field meetings can be conducted at Demo plots as well as at commercial plots, where the customer himself purchased the product, used and attained best results. This is the best way of product promotion in villages. Nearby farmers are invited to show the best results of the product and explanation will be given about the products.

Project Shows

This includes showing the company videos and product demo videos and other farmer feedback videos to farmers in villages. Generally, these programs are conducted in evening time at the schools and road junctions. There will be distribution of product promotion material to attended people.

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