Mr. Srinivasa Rao Nandigam

Mr N Srinivassa Rao aged 52, graduated from Nagarjuna University (AP). He is associated with the company from the inception and is an exceptional human being and an outstanding leader with strong administrative capabilities. A shrewd businessman and a dynamic person in taking timely decisions for the all round development of the Organization. The company has flourished under his able and meritorious administration. He is a torch bearer and trend setter of the company, surging ahead into the new fiscal with renewed confidence.

He is involved in strengthening the Company as a catalyst for the introduction of new Products, business expansions and plays a key role in setting up of new productions Units throughout India. His ability to tap potential business opportunities is the real symbol of his innovative personality.

He is a humble symbol and a passionate human being in rendering social service to the poor and needy.

In addition to the above, his mission extends to the skills development of employees and provides corporate training to employees from Internal as well as external agencies to meet the upcoming challenges. He gives top priority to employees’ satisfaction through various welfare programs at corporate office, branches & Units spread across the country.

Managing Director

Mr. Harish Gonuguntla

Mr. Harish Gonuguntla is the Managing Director. He has completed his Masters from Columbia University. His strong passion and commitment to help the farmers lead better life has motivated him to take up this role.

His focus on product development, business expansion, revenue growth, market leadership and strategic partnership initiatives have already helped the organisation within a short span of time.

He instils constant motivation within the Group of Companies Under his leadership, Shivashakti Group of Companies have already begun making strides towards becoming a global leader in the agricultural sector.

Director & CFO

Mrs. G. Leelavathi

Mrs.G.Leelavathi, aged 48 is a Chairperson & Managing Director of Shivashakti Bio Technologies Ltd. She is very competent in taking decisions and policy matters of the company and maintaining vital role in the development of Company. She is a humble symbol of simplicity and plays pivotal role in all the tasks of Sri G V Anjaneyulu.

She also involves in corporate social responsibility in developing and uplifting the economically weaker sections of the society.

She is particularly credited in building this multi-facial business, guiding it from its nascent stages to establish wide network of branches in the country with fullest cooperation & coordination of our executives and staff. In this competitive business world she has contributed her might and faced bravely to succeed. She is examplary lady and very popular among women folk for upliftment of poor and down trodden and has achieved social recognition in the society. As a head of this establishment she has extended all possible support for welfare amenities to the employees.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. K Narasimha Rao

With over 22 years of experience, Mr. K N Rao is heading one of the most important roles in the organization. Known as the pillar of Nava Bharath’s sales, production and productivity, Mr. K N Rao, with his strong strategic business methods, is responsible for the elevation and expansion of the company. Born into a farmer’s family, he understands the situations that need to be addressed and the ways in which these issues can be solved. He is known for his vision and commitment for all-round development of the organization. He is credited with shaping NAVA BHARATH FERTILIZERS LIMITED, attracting thousands of un-employed youth and giving them an opportunity to earn their living. His efforts are helping in creating an “organic cult” in the Indian farming community.