Jeevan Mitrra (Soil Application / Foliar Spray)

What is Jeevan Mitrra?

Jeevan Mitrra is a Biofertilizer which contains efficient strains of plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria. When applied in the soil near the rhizoshpere, these beneficial micro-organisms improve the crop growth, control growth of harmful pathogens and increase the nutrient uptake and phyto-hormone production.

Contents of Jeevan Mitrra

Jeevan Mitrra contains efficient strains of Bacillus spp and Pseudomonas spp, each @ 1×108 C.F.U. per ml of product.

Benefits of application of Jeevan Mitrra

  • It solubilises and mobilizes several vital soil nutrients towards the plant.

  • It promotes germination, growth and development, flowering and fruiting

  • It suppresses the growth of soil borne pathogens.

  • It improves the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil.

  • It improves yield by almost 15-20%.

How to use Jeevan Mitrra?

Soil application

In 1 acre – mix 500 ml of Jeevan Mitrra with sufficient quantity of organic manure. Apply the mixture near the root zone of the crop.

Drip Irrigation

Jeevan Mitrra can also be applied through Drip Irrigation at the rate of 500 ml/acre. In orchards, Jeevan Mitrra can be applied near the root zone @ 2ml/ltr of water.

Note: It is advisable to not use any chemical pesticides 10 days before or after application of Jeevan Mitrra.

Mix 500 ml. of Jeevan Mitrra in 40 - 50 Kgs. of Organic Manure and use in one acre while planting and seeding.

4-5ml. per liter of water.

Jeevan Mitraa