Kingzymme (Granules - Soil Application)

It contains organic fertilizers like humic acids, seaweed, organic Nitrogen and Bio Steroids which help to grow plants with Quality Bentonite overlaid.For Paddy and Wheat, it help to increase root system and shoot system.In Cotton, Chilli vegetable crops, it help to grow and strengthen the root system and shoot system. Increases protein formation and help to grow flowers and fruits. Helps to improve colour, quality, size and weight of product and to increase the number and quality of grains and fruits.Helps to stay crops in adverse whether condition.

8 Kgs. per acre with fertilizer used in land plowing or direct.

10kg  Bucket per two acre and is recommended twice, first application is that 20-25 days after sowing/planting and second dose is at 35-45 days after sowing/planting.

Kingzymme - L