Kingzymme (Granules - Soil Application)

  • It contains organic fertilizers like 16 Types Amino acids, Enzymes seaweed, organic Nitrogen and Bio Steroids which help to grow plants with Quality Bentonite overlaid.
  • For Paddy and Wheat, it help to increase root system and shoot system.
  • In Cotton, Chilli vegetable crops, it helps to grow and strengthen the root system and shoot system.
  • Increases protein formation and help to grow flowers and fruits.
  • Helps to improve color, quality, size and weight of product and to increase the number and quality of grains and fruits.
  • Helps to stay crops in adverse whether condition.
Kingzymme available in 8Kg Bags. Kingzymme also available in 10 Kgs. Bucket, which can be used for 2 acres

8 Kgs. per acre with fertilizer used in land plowing or direct.
10kg Bucket per two acre and is recommended twice, first application is that 20-25 days after sowing/planting and second dose is at 35-45 days after sowing/planting.